It’s no secret that a group with the same core beliefs and values, and comprised of a variety of unique experiences, is going to deliver better outcomes.  Diversity is core to EQUITAS, and is reflected in our spirited, open-minded community representing people of all cultures, faiths and backgrounds.  This rich diversity ensures that our organization approaches problems from a multitude of different angles and challenges established ways of thinking for both our internal team and our external partners.


Our partnerships with patients, providers, payers and manufacturers on a global scale are constant reminders of how healthcare touches all of our lives and of the common goals we share to elevate patient outcomes and advocate for the importance of wellness. Only by working together will we be able to effect change.


What We Do

With decades of combined life science experience, EQUITAS has the robust knowledge-base to effectively and efficiently provide insight to support the needs of our partners.  Our work spans the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic industries with expertise across Global Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement, Launch Strategy, Commercial Excellence, Creative, and more…

The Way We Do It

At EQUITAS, we focus on partnership and tailored solutions, using technology as an enabler.  By combining traditional management consulting and software development expertise, we’re able to bring solutions to life.  We emphasize collaboration, respect and empathy throughout our interactions, and pride ourselves on our responsiveness and flexibility, given the constantly changing needs of the healthcare industry.


Our team has extensive experience conducting global research to gain insight into local, regional and national perspectives.  Our worldwide experience and expert network enable us to respond quickly and precisely to your business needs.  We provide insights that empower you for success – whether it’s informing clinical trial design, preparing for a product launch or identifying an acquisition target.



The strength our diversity provides is second only to our passion for the common beliefs we share – humility, integrity and quality.  EQUITAS was founded on these values, and we endeavor to embody them in all we do.  In the spirit of collaboration, we pride ourselves on truly hearing and understanding the business issues our partners are facing, and engaging with the simple goal of ‘doing great things, with great people’ – after all, life is too short to spend it any other way.



At EQUITAS, our clients are our partners, and when we engage, we take the journey together.  It’s not just about our mindset of long-term collaboration to gain the fullest appreciation of your business, but about becoming an extended member of the team through seamless communication with shared goals for success.  We build trust through careful listening, thoughtful responsiveness and agile engagement – we can turn on a dime.  Finally, the relationships we have with our partners are defined by positivity and lightheartedness – we genuinely have fun while we are working together.


We have the honor of partnering with a broad range of life sciences companies from those that bring novel pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics to market, to those seeking investment opportunities to support continued innovation.  We engage with healthcare providers, patients and payers across the continuum of healthcare to provide meaningful and actionable insights to meet the evolving needs of our partners.  Our partners trust us to interpret trends and identify opportunities and challenges so they can make the best decisions today for tomorrow.

EQUITAS is driven by the lofty goal of bringing key healthcare decision-makers together for the single purpose of improving patient outcomes, and we thank all our partners, present and future, who help us get one step closer.


EQUITAS Life Sciences, LLC
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